Toshin Do was founded by the Legendry U.S.A. Ninjutsu practioner Anshu Stephan  a former student of Soke Massaki Hatsumi who helped to introduce Bujinkan Ninjutsu Organisation to U.S.A.,  Western Europe and virtual everywhere round the world in different countries initiating the early ninja boom in 1980’s. Toshin Do was developed to focus the threat that were more likely encountered in Modern Day life in U.S.A. hence a student here learns not only traditional Ninjutsu but also learns moden ways to handle surprise attacks from single and multiple assailants through the use of punches, strikes, and kicks along with grappling techniques, chokes and even joint locking techniques. The student also learns to overcome fear  and develop psychological advantage in Combat.  Optional courses also taught the use of Japanese classical weapons, Yoga instructions, meditations  with central to the ethos of Ninjutsu and constantly strives and updates the techniques of TOSHIN DO, making it the latest adaption version in the evolution of the Ninja Art Of Assassination.

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