The way of the Wind.

KOGA RYU meaning school of Koga originated in KOGA region Japan . Its members were trained in Disguise, Escape, Concealment, Explosives, Medicines and poisons. However  they were experts in techniques of Unarmed Combat and used wide varieties of weapons. They were experts in guerrilla warfare used by Koga Warriors who were well-known throughout the country. They were drafted as regular soldiers for the Samurai Lords and worked as mercenaries on either side of the battlefield. There were about 53 KOGA families clustered together in the Mountains of Koga region for Survival. In certain Koryu circles, the name Don Draeger was the first American who studied Koga Ryu Ninjutsu  and who was the student of Fujito Seiko who was the last recognized by Japanese government which ended the line of Koga Ryu Wada Ha in 1966. Late Professor Ronald Duncan who studied many martial arts had the opportunity to study USMC JUDO and Koga RYU NINJUTSU  under Fujito Sensei when stationed as U.S. Marine Corps in Japan at the young age of 19. When Professor Ronald Duncan moved to New York in 1961 founded the Way of the Wind School of Koga Ryu in New York and taught Koga Ryu Ninjutsu of the Wada Ha tradition. The school was also known for their Aikijutsu and practical applications of both traditional and modern weapons including knife throwing and firearm fighting skills. Prof. Ron Duncan was teaching the art since 1963 and was known as the father of American Koga Ryu Ninjutsu in U.S.A.

When it comes to the weapons and tools of Shinobi of Koga Ryu warriors, used tools and tactics before Tokugawa Shogungate , which were similarly used by Koga and Iga Ryu Ninjas alike. The Ninjas made their tools or acquired from the battlefield fallen dead Samurai soldiers. The Koga ryu families were highly organised group involved in intelligence gathering and clandestine operations for their objectives and support services with practical weapons that were easily concealable  and delt with tactical intelligence and guerrilla warfare and were more inclined to Combat and Assassination utilizing all kinds of weapons and tools available than to them. Shinobi Koga was experts in explosives  and used firearms which changed battlefield tactics.

During peace times the Koga families became security Officers  and used their weapons and tools changed to short knives, jutte a ( truncheon) and Manrikigusari A short chain with weights attached to either ends. In Edo castle when peace was restored throughout Japan by Shogun Emperor, the need for spying and assasination slowly dwindled and they worked as Gardeners and assigned custodial duties.

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