Grand Master Massaki Hatsumi  the Founder and International Director of the Bujinkan System who trained daily for 15 years and inherited the ninja tradition from the last true Ninja Soke Toshitsugu Takamatsu before he passed away in 1972. The true art one study is Bujin Budo Taijutsu formerly called Ninpo and after abbreviated as Ninjutsu. The word BUJINKAN may be broken down into three different components “BU” meaning Martial, “JIN” meaning spirit and “KAN” meaning Warrior Training hall.  So BUJINKAN is the place where people meet to train and develop in Martial spirit Ways. The word Ninpo may be broken into two separate components “NIN” meaning Perseverance and “PO” meaning Philosophy or Direction. So NINPO is basically the philosophy of persevering life, no matter whatever

The BUJINKAN tradition is drawn from the lineage of Nine Schools namely

  1. Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu
  2. Gyoko Ryu Koshijutsu
  3. Koto ryu Koppo jutsu
  4. Jutaijutsu
  5. Shinden ryu
  6. Shinden Fudo Ryu Dakentaijutsu
  7. Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu
  8. Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo
  9. Gyokushin Ryu Ninpo

Ninpo Taijutsu can be broken down into two components “TAI” meaning Body and “JUTSU”  meaning skill or technique. Therefore TAIJUTSU  is the art of using the whole body and learning to do it skilfully. Training is therefore  both inside and outside of the school and is fundamental necessity to training in NINPO TAIJUTSU and many techniques and drills, variations and applications  covered in training sessions.

The Bujinkan System trains also in traditional eighteen aspects of Ninjutsu.

  1. SESHINTEKI KYO……Spiritual Refinement.
  2. …Unarmed Combat
  3. NINJA KEN… Bladed arts
  4. …. Stick and staff arts.
  5. SHURIKEN JUTSU… Blade Projectile arts
  6. YARI JUTSU & SO JUTSU ……Spear Arts
  7. NAGINATA JUTSU…. Halberd techniques
  8. BISENTO JUTSU… Battle field techniques
  9. KUSARIGAMA JUTSU…… sickle and chain arts
  10. KISA JUTSU……. Archery
  11. CHO_HO ….Gathering Information & Communication skills.
  12. SHINOBI IRI …. Stealth and Outdoor Methods
  13. HENSO JUTSU……Camouflage and Imitation skills
  14. TENMON & CHIMON…..Strategies of Heaven and Earth
  15. KAKUSHI BUJITSU……..Secret weapons
  16. INTON JUTSU…..Disappearing techniques.
  17. NINYAKU JUTSU…… Medicines and drugs.
  18. GUNRYAKU HEIHO….. Military strategies and tactics.
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