NINJUTSU is a pragmatic art, evolved from the needs for pragmatic self-protection under difficult odd times of continuous civil Warfare in Japan. It is not an art for competition, or scoring points, or winning medals, however it is geared for Self-protection and Survival on the streets today, as well as it has been utilized by Police Agencies and Military Organization of several countries all over the World. The philosophy is based around one seeking true knowledge and protecting one’s families and friends. The art is based around thinking and strategy coupled with fighting skills. It is a System overcoming any physical, psychological or spiritual confrontation within the context of the reality of any even t from and approaching danger. It is a comprehensive fighting Art  refined into a deadly Science, incorporating sophisticated techniques of warfare, intelligence gathering, a fine mental and spiritual development , an illumination of awareness, building up one’s total mind , body and spirit of a Warrior, giving one a complete overall Martial Arts training System and self disciplining.

NINJUTSU is a highly multifaceted and all encompassing complete art with specialized fighting skills taught within the walls of the Dojo environment, as well as those performed in an outside environment amidst Mother Nature Earth. Within the realms of combat the skills honed produced not only strength, power, speed, shrewdness, cunningness and wisdom, but even mystical powers of mental control with extrasensory perceptional abilities. The practice of Ninjutsu is made of various skills that enable one to achieve a Winner’s edge over his adversary in any given situation, against various odds he faces. The training methods consists of realistic and effective fighting exercises pertinent to one’s Survival in a hostile and violent crime conditions used effectively in Modern day combat Scenarios in order to protect himself, his friends, his family and home appropriately in this modern society.

NINJUTSU teaches one to endure pain, become patient, be persistent, overcome fatigue & tiredness, increase one’s stamina, cover one’s weaknesses and gather one’s strength and inner power to achieve the desired goal, at the same time builds Survival abilities beyond that of an average man. The traditional aspects of the art are still applicable even today. The Art needs little refinement as every technique learned have been battle tested by the Ancestors in warfare. The principle involved in Ninjutsu is unique by itself and different virtually from other Martial Arts being taught today.  Most Arts have been converted to Do forms, utilized for its sport aspects; however Ninjutsu still retains its original form and application for today’s modern warfare.

NINJUTSU is not merely a science of killing, deception, assassination and espionage, however in its purest form the art is deeply rooted and set in Philosophy with rich appreciation for culture, and a profound understanding of Zen, Taoism, Shintoism and Buddhism, combined with Martial Arts (Bumon) and religion ( Shumon). Thus Ninjutsu is known by it higher order spiritual significant name “NINPO”, teaching us the philosophy to live in peace and harmony with the natural laws of nature with a fully developed Martial Arts Techniques.

NINJUTSU  the word has several meanings such as “Art of Stealth”, “Art of Espionage”, “Art of Invisibility”, “Art of the Shadow Warrior”, “Art of Sabotage and Assassination”, “Art of Protecting against Danger”, “The Art of Winning”, and “The Art of Totality”, however it is best known for its “Art of Survival” – survive at all cost, using anything and everything, by any and all means, no rules, and where everything goes. Thus it is a complete System rather than an Art which is comparatively small as it comprises of several different Arts combined together, to cope with any combat or fighting situation it demands at any moment, guaranteed to meet any adversary and adopt whatever means necessary to ensure Survival and win a t any cost in this concrete jungle.

NINJUTSU fighting art and Unarmed Combat skills are known as TAIJUTSU, meaning techniques of self-protection such as DAKENTAIJUTSU ( Striking Methods), KOPPO JUTSU ( Bone Breaking methods), KOSSHI JUTSU (Muscle tearing techniques), JUTAIJUTSU ( Grappling skills) , using Kicking, punching, striking, throwing, escaping, locking, holding, choking, strangulating, joint locking, controlling, restraining, neutralizing, subduing and immobilizing skills and techniques, along with TAISABAKI (body movements  consisting of rolling , tumbling, falling, leaping and jumping skills. Thus the fighting arts is divided into several parts but most commonly known as TAIJUTSU (Body Arts). The principle involved here is moving your body using minimum effort and yet having maximum output. The smallest person can defeat the largest if the battle is fought on strength alone.

NINJUTSU besides Unarmed Combat, it has a multitude of armed  skills such as “BOJUTSU” ( Stick Arts of various sizes such as Bo long stick, Jo Middle stick and Hanbo Short stick), “BIKENJUTSU “( Bladed Arts such as long Sword Katana, short sword Wakizashi, Ninja to Ninja sword etc. and various types and sizes of Tanto ( Knifes, dirks & dagger blades ), “KUSARIGAMA JUTSU” (Chain Arts such as ropes, chains  and chords of various lengths),  “SHURIKEN JUTSU” (Projectile Arts such as Shuriken star blades, shaken  needle blades, blowguns and Archery ) and Lastly Specialized and Combination Art weapons such as Kyoketsu shogei, steel fans, shobo , shuko claws etc.), formed out of the Combination of the above four weapons used as a self-protecting tool and as self-defense tool & equipment for Combat. The weapon System is built around Taijutsu  movements so that there is no need for one to study or learn a new art or movement for a certain weapon. Totally over hundred weapons are utilized in Combat and War. Ninjutsu uses more weapons than any other Martial Arts and has a large variety of application techniques. Thus it is not named the Art of Survival for nothing. Thus a Ninja when unarmed are dangerous and when armed are very Deadly.

NINPO certainly the higher order of the art of  NINJUTSU  covers all the skills and even more. Some stress on physical, some spiritual and some on esoteric knowledge. Study and mastery of all the disciplines almost takes a life time to become a complete Warrior, a Total Warrior in all aspects. A Ninjutsu practioners not only becomes and expert combatant a formidable fighting machine, a weapons expert, but also a clever strategist, a clever technician, an intelligent operator, a knowledgeable chemist, a doctor, a metereologist, as well as a wilderness survival expert and much, much more. It is considered to be a Complete Art  / A System guaranteed to defeat any opponent, overcome any adversary or  defeat any enemy and use whatever means necessary to ensure one’s Survival in life and Win at all cost.

MARTIAL ARTS OF NINJUTSU is based on the key aspects of philosophy, strategy, and self-defense. It is a Systematic training with all aspects of discipline blending with natural movements of the body. The goal of the training is to overcome the desire to struggle and learn how to defend against armed as well as unarmed attackers. Consistent and constant practice develops good health, sound and relaxed mind, a healthy body and a true self-confidence. Thus far from stealth and assassination techniques of Ninjutsu & Ninpo and its essence of outlook is a physical, emotional and spiritual method of self-protection from all kinds of dangers that confront those on the Warriors path of enlightenment.

Today Ninjutsu is being taught all over the World and in India / Mumbai it is being taught and practiced by The Combative School of Martial Arts Grand Master Soke Cyrus Rustomji, 9th. Degree Black Belt Kudan in Ninjutsu & Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu is the pioneer to spread the art of Ninjutsu and presently teaching the art in his Khar Hombo Dojo.

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