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Over the past few years an increasing amount of interest has developed in the Oriental Martial arts amongst people throughout the World. What has stimulated worldwide interest? Is it mystical or supernatural powers that those who practice these arts seem to possess? The answer truly lies essentially in the fact that these Oriental arts provide Healthful benefits besides its effectiveness in the form of self defense & protection exciting to practice and gives the builder immense courage & confidence.

Many Instructors teach the traditional way, emphasizing mainly on sports and classical forms, stressing extremely on body conditioning and flashy techniques in their training which could be appropriate for tournaments and demonstrations but proved suicidal I a real life encounters on streets. These students being falsely misled in the belief that they have been prepared and trained in self defense techniques.

For practical self defense and street survival training a different approach technique wise and psychological wise is necessary. This led to discovering Mixed Martial Arts, which comprises of several Martial arts in their system. One of this unique Mixed Martial Arts Fighting system developed in early sixties was “KETSUGO RYU JUJITSU.”

The word “KETSUGO.”In Japanese means combination or combine or stick together. In essence it is  a combination of the best of the most effective self defense moves and fighting techniques from the greatest Oriental Hand to Hand  Combative Arts ever devised by the human mind, a compendium of best of the techniques from various Karate, Savate, Judo, Aikido, Atemiwaza, Yawara to the base of Jujitsu. Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu comprises of a sophisticated repertoire of infighting alternatives making use of all the above elements, including a wide variety and array of throws, sweeps, and locks and crashing takedowns.

Most fights that initially begin with a kick or punch gradually leads to some kind of pushing, shoving, holding and grappling situation motion during a course of a street fight, especially if the attacker is larger than the opponent. Thus students not adequately trained in self defense including techniques for close range in grappling situation find problems in such situations being tossed to the ground. Thus Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu provides a comprehensive and pragmatic programmed equipping oneself to face and defend and meet any exigency to cope with all sorts of street survival situations. Using the principle “Where everything goes”, with no rules to stop, follow or hinder your movements, using all kinds of tactics and strategies, with dirty tricks & sucker punches, coupled with the elements of surprise are the order of the day.

To master Ketsugo Ryu jujitsu , one has to know the striking and kicking methods of Karate & Taekwondo emphasizing on low and high powerful combinations, counters and takedowns with punching and blocking with flat check thrusting actions of hand & foot blows, with the cupping actions of Savate, using pressure points and nerve centers of Yawara and Atemiwaza, the devastating throws of Judo with break falls, grappling, choking and strangulating techniques, the stylized form of wrist locks and holds with joint breaking techniques of the art of Aikido and Jujitsu , all combining together to form a formidable Fighting arsenal practical for street defense.

Armed with the knowledge of Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu and the threefold development of mind body and spirit prepares one to keep alive and stay safe in any street encounters. Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu System offers a wide variety of choices from the best and most appropriate life sustaining responses to suit any individual, whether short, tall, overweight or underweight, young or old, boy or girl, man or women facing any emergencies or any crucial situations and hence universally acknowledged and ranked as one of the best self defense and street survival systems. Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu system also provides training in weaponry such as Nunchaku, Kama, Bo, Tonfa, and Yawara & Baton to students above Brown Belt level.

In Ketsugo Ryu System the defense is without a doubt stressed more often than offense. Low kicks are taught as well as high kicks, but due to practicality one practices high and kicks low. Speed and breaking balance are the two most important aspect of defending oneself in Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu System. Emphasis is on low and powerful combinations, counters and takedown maneuvers. Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu throws are not sport oriented, but are actually designed to disable an aggressor rather than merely deposit him on the ground, these throws work in any grappling and infighting situations and yet retain their value at punching and kicking intervals. The practioners uses strikes and kicks to gain distance, than put the attacker in pain and break his balance before executing the throw. In close range Ketsugokas frequently use preliminary Savate kicks and punches to soften up and distract the attacker. A pain is often created by well placed strikes thus breaking the adversary’s balance, than using the “Push / Pull “principle of Judo and letting the opponent jeopardize his own equilibrium. After the throw a joint locking techniques is applied to his arms, body or legs with ones own arms & legs for total immobilization.

All techniques are tested scientifically, using sense against strength. The throws do not rely on strength but on technique and attacking the opponent’s most vulnerable areas. The break is applied in the midst of the throw rather than waiting for the opponent to hit the ground first than apply the break. The advance throws of Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu throws are practiced slowly, carefully and with caution and full control as there is a great potential for injury while training. If you dislocate or disable a joint on the opponent’s body before or during the throw, it is unlikely that he will either have the will or the composure to effectively resist the ensuing takedown, thus the attacker does not unnecessarily wrestle and drag you to the ground or drag you into an awkward position.

Once the opponent is caught, he has no option, if he resists his arm or elbow is dislocated, generating momentum for the throw and thus the attacker suffers further injuries from the impact of striking the ground with the full weight of his own body and the follow through of the thrower. The Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu stylist increases his versatility by practicing the various throws at multiple angles and against various types of attacks. Same throws are done with variations and combinations against different angles of attacks, thus developing versatility and instinctive response pattern and look forward to devastating their foe with whatever throw presents itself. The Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu offers an unexplored dimension in realistic self defense that can make a world of a difference when an attacker threatens to overwhelm you with a superior size or strength.

In early 1960’s during the Vietnam War, the Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu System was formed by Sensei Kim Sun Park of Korean and Sensei Seigo Saita, a Japanese who combined their knowledge from the best of the techniques for various Korean and Japanese arts and taught these art to the military Tiger division who practically carried out their training in the Vietnam War. The Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu System was taught all over the world and in India. Now it is recognized internationally as the Eastern International Martial Arts Association under the president ship of Kancho Leonard V. Godino. 6th. Dan Black Belt Grand Master in U.S.A. and was the first Indian to be trained as Ketsugo expert, and his student in Mumbai  Sensei Cyrus Rustomji  who has been with Sensei Godinho for nearly 40 years  has been recently promoted to 5th. Degree Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu Black Belt in Armed and Unarmed Ketsugo Techniques, and presently the highest ranking student of his in India today, continues to be teaching Ninjutsu as well as Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu Systems in Mumbai / India.

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