EXECUTIVE PROTECTION COURSE: This course is specially designed for men/women of 30yrs & above including senior citizens, who cannot spare enough time for training in Martial art on regular basis (viz.3 times a week). Here they are trained for Self-defense techniques in Armed & Unarmed Combat, in a relatively short period. The correct techniques (practical & theory) are imparted to them, consequently that they can carry on their training after the course at their leisure time.

Unarmed Training: (Practical)

  1. Atemi striking & punching techniques.
  2. Low kicks for street survival.
  3. Basic blocking techniques against punches & kicks.
  4. Develop street fighting tools – knees, head-butts, elbows, forearms etc.
  5. Dirty fighting methods for street survival.
  6. Basic self-defense techniques.
  7. Methods of distraction / confusion for escape.
  8. Effective tripping, takedowns & throwing techniques.
  9. Defense against special situations – hand grabs, wrist grabs, hair grabs, collar holds, bear hugs etc. from front, rear & sides.
  10. Vital points striking at anatomy.
  11. Five effective choking & strangulating techniques.
  12. Finger locking & immobilizing techniques.
  13. Equipment training & practice.

Unarmed Training: (Theory)

  1. Principles of self-defense.
  2. Protection of oneself on street, at home.
  3. Avoid being a victim.
  4. Vehicle safeguard tips.
  5. Psychology of psychopaths.
  6. Use of deadly force.
  7. Anatomy & vital point targets.
  8. Knowing the law/right to defend one own self.
  9. Expedient weapon training.
  10. Surviving a breakdown (coping short term survival).
  11. First aid emergency.
  12. Strategy & tactics.
  13. Whistle as a tool.


Using a walking cane as a self-defense tool.


Belts, comb, newspaper, brush, pen etc.

NB: the Gym should provide Walking sticks & other articles necessary for training.

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