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CSMA stands for “The Combative School of Martial Arts” of which I am the Founder and Director, practicing Traditional Martial Art for Modern times. It is the school teaching the significant characteristics of Martial Arts encompassing a wide variety of Martial Arts skills comprising several arts and not just one alone, such as Ninjutsu, Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu, Daito Ryu Jujitsu, Karate, Kodokan Judo, Aikido, Modern Arnis, Hwarang Do, Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Krava Maga, Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Kalaripayattu, Jeet Kune Do and Mixed Martial Arts etc. along with several weapons, swimming, survival, meditation, strategy & tactics of military warfare, horsemanship, with religious philosophies and Yoga. It was founded by Sensei Cyrus Rustomji in the year 1990.

Thus CSMA trains an individual in several Martial Arts by way of short and long courses, in order to learn effective self defence system, in order to protect themselves from any assaults or any encounter or face any emergency / calamity/ disaster etc. he /she may face in life at home, school, college, street, work or in any environment .  My main hub and nucleus of teaching revolves around the art of Ninjutsu, Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu and Modern Arnis. The Aim of C.S.M.A. is to teach in minimum time, maximum output, maximum speed, and maximum efficiency. The techniques are easy to learn, study having simple manoeuvres that could be used in any emergency. No special skills are required to learn, train and memorize the techniques, just everyday practice to execute the movements and reinforce the mental and physical ability. Anyone can learn this Art irrespective of age, sex, caste or religion, thus giving a new depth, a new look, in the 21st century, which is continuously developing, flowing, changing & unlimited.

SKKBR “Shinobi Kusa Kage Bushi Ryu” It is an Art comprising techniques from various Ninjutsu (Ninpo) Systems such as Bujinkan Ninjutsu, Genbukan Ninjutsu, Togakure Ninjutsu, Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, To Shin Do (Shadows of Iga Ryu), Ninpokai Shinobi Ninjutsu, Nindo Ryu System of Ninjutsu, Fuma Ryu System of Ninjutsu, Master Rex Lee Ninjutsu System, Robert Bussey’s Warrior International Ninjutsu System, Black Dragon Ninjutsu System, Ashida Kim Ninjutsu System and Golden Dragon Ninjutsu System. It was Founded by Soke and getting up several times

The word “SHINOBI”means master of stealth and disguise, also another ancient name of Ninja, the word “KUSA” means grass, earlier Ninjas were known as grass warriors as they use to hide among the grass and be invisible, the word “KAGE” means shadow for the Ninja they casted no shadow or remained hidden in the shadows, the word “BUSHI” in Japanese means a Warrior and the word “RYU” means Dojo or school. Together it translates as Ninja Grass Shadow Warrior’s School.

The heart supports us in the ups and downs of Life. To have an indomitable spirit means getting up after every fall. No one can reach their goal without falling. No one can reach their goal without indomitable spirit. A Ninja needs exceptionally strong spirit, like grass (Kusa) that is stepped on many times but never gives up living; it grows even when trampled on it by foot. It is from this notion that the Ninja was once called Kusa (GRASS). Thus I derive the name Kusa from there. It also implies someone is hidden in the grass or trained from young age to be in place where needed. Thus “Shinobi Kusa Kage Bushi Ryu” is the name of the Art of our Ninjutsu school in India teaching various Ninjutsu Arts as mentioned above.

“NAB” The National Academy of Bodyguards conducts high intensity courses for the committed and dedicated individuals. The courses provides skills necessary to provide to the client as well as oneself and reduce all possibility risks of physical conflicts with all control and restraining techniques using wide variety of takedowns, locks & holds, come-along manoeuvres, counter measures and controlling holds against any type of violent attacks.

NAB teaches & incorporates both armed and unarmed fighting methods where you learn to restrain, incapacitate, immobilize and terminate an assailant fast and quickly with latest effective and devastating street fighting methods.

What People are Saying?

  • Rutuj karandikar

    Cyrus sir is a true legend of Martial arts.

    "To learn any art the most important thing is to have a good mentor. In that sense I am more than lucky because Ninja Cyrus sir is more than a mentor he is a true legend of Martial arts.
    In todays world where everyone is just concentrating on hitting hard in the name of Martial arts sir tought us the inside essence of Ninjutsu,one of the most effective technique of self defence  and servival.
    It is a treat to learn Ninjutsu from such a knowledgeable man.
    Thank you sir for all your guidance and support."
  • Sohail Shaikh

    A Master of Many Martial Arts.

    "Knowing Cyrus for more than 2 decade, does not change my view, Simple, helpful, considering world as his home, A gentlemen by heart, but master of all arts of Ninjutsu, A true 'Mushin" and brought the art of Ninjutsu in India. A master of many Martial Arts"
  • Jigar Shah


  • Ajay Marwah

    Early Bird training in Martial Arts with Cyrus.

    "I have been one of the lucky ones to have trained with Cyrus at an early stage of my martial arts  studies. From karate I was introduced to ninjustsu and weaponary by Cyrus. I was truely amazed at his  skill set as well as knowledge on the gamut of martial arts Cyrus has been instrumental in my martial growth and will always be indebted to him in this aspect He further introduced me to Modern Arnis. Weapons like the katana , PR24 , kerambit etc  ( all this in the 80s when there was no internet ) Cyrus was and is way ahead of his his times. And even till date we discuss martial arts whenever we meet."
  • Salman Shaikh

    The Art which  Sensei teaches is Ninjutsu.

    "For different people have diffrent views...but for us SENSEI has taught us how to make Ninjutsu .. from a part of life to way of life...and its daily training as made us strong from mind.bodyand spirit..and not just that we regularly implement into our lifes...because the philosophies of Ninjutsu ..for us are philosophies of life.. .
    I thank you sensei for teaching this wonderful arts
    and your experience and knowledge always increase and prevail upon your students . Family and friends.."
  • Chetanya Mundachali

    Cyrus Sir is our Guru of Ninjutsu.

    "Ninjutsu and the Art of the Ninja has taught me a lot about the true nature of Combat. Ninjutsu is a life-long experience.Especially when one gets the opportunity to train with Sensei Cyrus Rustomji who is the ocean of knowledge of not only ninjutsu but of all Martial Arts. Cyrus Sir is our Guru of Ninjutsu who has always taught us that-There is always something new to learn about the Art of Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu develops your overall Personality."
  • Suhas Gadre – Ketsugo Master

    Sensei Cyrus Internationally trained in different Martial arts from different Countries .

    "Cyrus, You have travelled around the world & learnt many forms of martial arts from different masters all over the world. You are very wellred also therefore your language is also of very high level. I feel People around the world will definately notice the difference & will appreciate you online. You will get many many readers / followers from different countries."
  • Parth Bhavnani

    Sensei Cyrus made NINJUTSU my way of life.

    "As a child, I was weak and I used to get bullied all the time. I didn’t have the guts to stand up for myself, and I was a shy and scared child. After I joined ninjutsu, Sensei Cyrus helped me become more confident. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am in life today. If anyone wanted to join martial arts, I’d definitely recommend him. Ninjutsu has been a part of my life since 10 years. I must say, I’ve been lucky to train under Sensei Cyrus. He really goes out of his way to teach us the art. As he rightly says, Ninjutsu is not just a martial art, it’s a way of life. It has become my way of life."
  • Arzan Wadia

    Learning NINJUTSU under Sensei Cyrus.

    "I am Learning ninjutsu because it is a fascinating martial art which contains many ways of combat and it’s an ocean of learning as it a mixture of various arts.I was a very weak and non confident person in life where defending myself in life was concerned.It is just because of Soke Cyrus i am confident in defending myself from any attack anytime.It is because of Ninjutsu that I have also become a more observant and an administrative person. Sensei Cyrus has always been a good and a warm person and always gives out positive energy which is very welcoming."
  • Vihang Desai

    Join C.S.M.A to develop a Real Fighter's Mind.

    "It is vital that you come across the right "mentor" at pivotal stages of your evolution as a man. Sensei Cyrus Rustomji came into my life at the perfect time, I am indebted to him and his teachings because they have helped me immensely both in my personal and professional life. He has been very instrumental in shaping my overall personality. I have been under Sensei's tutelage for 8 years and there has been consistent improvement in my overall health and fitness. I have learnt to project strength even when I am weak and vulnerable, remain mentally tough despite experiencing pain. Situational Awareness, Grasping Power and Critical thinking abilities have improved drastically. Fear of confrontation has vanished and I have developed enough spine and courage to stand my ground. My arsenal is filled with various battle-tested techniques, modern and traditional punching and kicking tools, submissions and locks which I learnt from Sensei over the years, along with the confidence to use them effectively and efficiently if the situation warrants. Sensei's philosophies, teaching style and training systems are designed and tailor made for street survival. What you get here at CSMA is no nonsense practical solutions to real world threats and challenges. If you want to be a skilled and lethal fighter/martial artist, I highly recommend you join Sensei Cyrus Rustomji's Combative School of Martial Arts (CSMA). Thanking You.."
  • Wayne Lemos

    Mentor and friend Sensei Cyrus cultivates the true spirit of Ninja.

    "Sensei Cyrus , what can I say, family for this man, a mentor and a friend, taijutsu, kenjutsu, iaido, escrima, the gentleman taught me all, he went further even to cultivate the true spirit of a ninja in me, with me every step of the way, we had the SAS survival guide as compulsory learning, while in the swamp and afterwards in constant communication while in the swamps with snakes etc, in communication and for advice in my small arms fire training, a gentleman , a mentor and a friend, I cant say more than this gentleman is my family and will always be."
  • Leonard V Godinho

    Cyrus Rustomji - one of my most Studious, Dedicated and Loyal Students.

    "Cyrus F Rustomji - one of my most studious, dedicated and loyal students for the past 41 yrs. From the beginning of his training in the Ketsugo Systems Of Mixed Martial Arts up to his Dan- Master grades he has always strived to be securely successful in all his graded examinations. Cyrus is also one of my best students in Kobudo-Weapons training and performed exceptionally well and with utmost confidence whenever instructed by me. I wish him good luck & success in all his endeavors."
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