What I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills that I have developed over long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you!


SENSEI CYRUS FEROKE RUSTOMJI came from a Parsee Zoroastrian family of Mumbai, born on 12th. October 1951 in Navsari, a small town of Gujerat, in India. His earliest training began at the age of eight where he learned Gymnastics and tumbling in  New Infant Model High School in Bombay. In 1960 he joined St. Xavier’s High School, Bombay. His childhood passion was always to carry, play and move around with a stick and never sleep on bed without one. In 1961 he joined as Cubs of a Scout Troop, 8th. East Bombay, where he had initial training in wilderness and Survival, and passion for adventures life. He contributes basis of his Ninja training, for being in the Cubs and Scouts and had attended several outdoor camps. His favorite past time when he visited his Uncle’s Farm in Poona was to carry an air gun and roam around the wilderness with his favorite companion Dogs Raju and Moti, who followed him wherever he went.

He was always fond of seeing Historical and Mythological Indian Movies, especially of action war and battle oriented movies. As a child he always passed his time playing with toy guns, wooden swords and shields with his two childhood friends. At school he was a lone shark, and fought regular classroom brawls. In 1962, he came across the famous success story in comic books of a weakling Charles Nelson building his body through Dynamic Tension and being able to defeat the bully on a beach fight which motivated him to take up Bodybuilding. By reading a book by Parsee Physical Culturist Mr. Themorus Surkari gave him inspiration to improve his Physique and he took Body building as a career to build up his skinny, sickly body and improve his asthmatic condition. At school he was always bullied by tall and stronger boys, which made him join the local Gymnasium “Famous Physical Culture House ” close by and began training with weights to become strong and improve his Body.

By 1964 he was soon being nick named Mini Hercules, for having made remarkable improvement in his physique. Judo was than the popular Martial art but could not afford to join the classes and often visited the local Judo Club at Bharda High School near Grant Road station, watching them for hours. He saved money and bought his first two Martial art books called JIU JITSU by Kiyose Nake and JIU JITSU SELF TAUGHT by H. K. Klingerstorf, which was a stepping stone at home training which virtually changed his life setting him on the road of studying Martial arts. His famous outdoor sports was cycling, a racer cycle Raleigh, gifted by his cousin which he rode around Bombay daily during his school and college days that improved his lower body, increased his stamina and endurance. At school he entered Boxing, lost the match but was praised for having given a tough fight. Soon he began training in Judo and Wrestling with local friends training at Chowpatty sandy shores or at Victoria gardens and practiced rough kumite (street sparring) with them.

From 1966 to 1970 he seriously pursued training in Body building morning and evening, daily training 2 to 3 hours a day five times a week, to enter Mr. Bombay Bodybuilding contest. But 1971 he joined Merchant Navy as a cadet officer in Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., which brought an end to his Body building career but he still carries on training with weights to keep in shape for his Martial arts to date. In 1972 he saw Bruce Lee’s first Kung-fu movie “The Big Boss” in Bristol U.K. which inspired him further to pursue his goal of a martial arts career. The ship’s fitter made his first Nunchaku on board the ship for him and he began practicing with it. He made his first punching bag and practiced boxing and kicking techniques on his own aping Bruce Lee’s movements like million others.

The same year he met an old school friend Dara Marker , a second officer in the Merchant Navy, while his ship was berthed in Calcutta. Dara was a Black Belt in Oyama’s Kyokinshin Karate who taught him a few basics in Karate and introduced him to Sensei Dadi Bulsara , a Harbor pilot of Calcutta, who presently teaches Ashihara Full Contact Karate.

In 1973 millions wept when Bruce Lee passed away, a great blow to the Martial Art World community. Sensei Cyrus completed his cadetship and got down for Second Mates Marine examination. Wanted to join Sensei Pervez Mistry’s Karate class but an old colleague and friend Kersi Hathiram introduced him to KETSUGO class at Lamington road branch Y.M.C.A. conducted by Sensei Leonard Godinho. He joined KESUGO which taught a combination system comprising of Karate, Savate, Judo, Aikido, Jujitsu, Yawara and Atewaza, and received Green Belt within six months and scored the highest marks in class the record of which remain unbroken for nine years. The following year achieved Blue Belt ranking.

In 1974 he gave his first public demonstration on Ketsugo in National Grindlays Bank and also gave the first armed demonstration on in Yawara/ Kongo Jutsu techniques. At the peak of his martial Art career Sensei Cyrus met with a motor cycle accident which shattered his dream of competing at International level competitions.  The tragedy broke his left forearm, however through continuous reassurance and encouragement of Sensei Godinho; he pursued his Martial art career in spite of the set back. With a plastered hand he carried on teaching and practicing Ketsugo. In 1976 he was promoted to Brown Belt and soon began assisting Sensei Godinho in running his classes at Y.M.C.A., as well as giving special training of self-defense to Bombay Municipal Corporation at Victoria Gardens and Railway protection Force at Mulund.

In 1976 Sensei Cyrus came across the first book on NINJUTSU “ NINJA THE INVISIBLE ASSAINS” by Andrew Adams and this lured and fascinated him, to pursue privately training at home by himself in Ninjutsu with whatever material available to him. While working on a tanker ship he came across a pumpman Thayalin who taught him the basics of Indian martial arts Kalaripayatu. In 1980 within a record time of seven years achieved his First Degree Black Belt and also underwent training in various Ketsugo Kobudo weapons such as Nunchaku, Bojutsu, and Tonfa techniques. And received his first armed ranking. He got married in 1981 and received his Sho-Dan certificate on the wedding day.

While continuously sailing at high seas as Chief Officer, Sensei Cyrus had the opportunity to train and practice Martial arts with several high ranking Martial Arts Instructors. In 1983 he received training in Aiki Kenjutsu, using the Japanese Katana  (Sword) in Akyab, Myanmar (Burma). There he gave his first foreign demonstration and was awarded a pair of Sai’s from Master OO Taun She Maung. In Rangoon, Burma he met Sensei U Thaung Din, 6th. Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, 3rd. Degree Black Belt in Aikido and 3rd. Degree Black Belt in Daito Ryu Aikijutsu and Aiki Kendo where he  learned the finer intricate points of Karate, Aikido and Kenjutsu techniques. Sensei Cyrus once again gave demonstration and was promoted to 2nd. Degree Black Belt in Combative Arts and was awarded a pair of Myanmar daggers for his skill and knowledge in various weapons.

The same year Sensei Cyrus went to Manilla (Phillipines) where he underwent a comprehensive training Course in ARNIS STICK FIGHTING and received his first Degree  (Lakan Issa) Black Belt under Grand Master Ernesto Presas brother of the famous Grand Master Remy Presas, known as father of Modern Arnis. He became the first Indian to be trained in Arnis and was awarded a pair of Arnis sticks and Balisong (Filipino Knife). In Shanghai  (China), he underwent basics in Chinese Martial Arts Tai chi.

In 1985 Sensei Cyrus became the first pupil of Sensei Lenny Godinho to be graded to Second degree Black Belt (Ni Dan) both in Armed as well as unarmed techniques in Ketsugo. He was also promoted to zonal secretary of the Eastern India Martial Arts Association and became chief examiner for Ketsugo to carry on promotion of the art of Ketsugo alive in India. Sensei Godinho had permanently migrated to U.S.A. Sensei Cyrus carried on imparting training at various centres of Ketsugo honorary and conducted security for several charitable Organizations freely. He received his first life time trophy award from Y.M.C.A. for achieving his Sho Dan Black Belt in 1980. Sensei Godinho gave him a pair of Sai’s for his Honesty, Loyalty and Faithfulness to Ketsugo Organisation.

The same year he underwent training in Calcutta under Sensei Dadi Bulsara where he received his First Degree Black Belt in Ashihara Full Contact Karate. In 1986 he received his second trophy from Y.M.C.A. for his 2nd. Degree Black Belt in Ketsugo. All the while he had been privately training in NINJUTSU till than by himself through books and magazines and any material available on Ninjutsu. In 1988 after seeking out addresses of popular Ninja Masters in America through Ninja Magazines he packed his baggage’s and set ashore to meet and train under several Ninjutsu masters to fulfil his long cherished dreams which he harnessed and cherished for so long for he had realized that this is the art he had been searching for which could fulfil his thirst of knowledge in Martial arts.

He started his long journey of  MUSHA –SHUGYO Warrior, meaning a martial artist travelling the world in search of additional training and enlightenment. He attended the Third World Ninja Summit conducted by Dr. Tetsuya Higuchi a 7th. Degree Kodokan Judo, 6th. Degree Kendo, 5th. Degree Togakure Ninjutsu, 3rd. Degree Iaido and former head Instructor of Tokyo police. The camp was attended by several Ninjutsu Masters from all over the world, U.S.A., Canada, Porto Rico, Argentina, Venezuela, Israel and himself the sole representative of India. The whole schedule provided a constant physical and spiritual training in the art of Togakure Ninjutsu and shared great experiences, exchanged ideas, gained knowledge and ideologies for each master gave a wonderful demonstration of their skills in various aspects of Ninjutsu. Sensei Cyrus also gave demonstration of his expertise in Katakana ( Japanese  Sword, Kenjutsu techniques) and Arnis short stick fighting. He stayed there for considerable time after the camp to train further at their Bujinkan Hall.

From there he continued his journey to meet the mystical Master of Ninjutsu Shidoshi Stephan Hayes of Shadows of Iga Society and attended his Warrior Quest Seminar as well as  his Sui No Kata ( Water element ) Advance Seminar. Sensei Hayes is one of the person responsible for popularizing the art of Ninjutsu in U.S.A. and he is a personal student of Soke (Grand Master) Massaki Hatsumi the 34th. Grand Master of Togakure Ninjutsu. There he also met sensei Bud Malstrom and Sensei Jack Hoban at Hayes’s Dojo in German town who gave valuable demonstrations on Ninjutsu.

He traveled further to meet and train under Shihan Richard Wigginton in Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, of Defense Science Institute, Philadelphia and underwent several courses in Basic defense against knives and gun defense techniques in Combat and taught the art of Knife throwing and Combat. Sensei Wigginton personally taught, trained and gave guidance to Sensei Cyrus and he was made the sole representative of his art in India.

In Miami  he met Master Rex Lee a 7th. Degree Black Belt in Nesei Goju  Karate, Ninjutsu and Jujitsu System, where he once again gave valuable demonstration to his students. Here he was promoted to 3rd. Degree in Ninjutsu and 1st. Degree in Kenjutsu & Kobudo weaponry, and was awarded a Samurai Sword Katana for his achievements. On the way he met his first and foremost master Sensei Lenny Godinho who is settled in San Diego, U.S.A., who taught him Yawara and Double Kongo Jutsu techniques and Riot Baton techniques and was promoted to Third Degree Black Belt in Ketsugo.

He further continued his journey to Newyork where he undertook futher training  in Ninpo Jutsu under Sensei James Loreiga  a 5th. Degree and president of  Koga Ryu Ninpokai and student of the Father of American Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Professor Ron Duncan., and was promoted to Sho Dan Black Belt in his Ninjutsu system. Here Sensei Cyrus gave demonstration on Yawara and ancient Indian Vajra techniques. In the same Dojo Hall he attended a seminar conducted by  Sensei John Denora of Budokai International Inc. Headquarters, in Daito Ryu Aikijutsu  and traditional Bujutsu techniques. Thus Sensei Cyrus returned back home after gaining valuable training and experiences in the art of Ninjutsu after having  trained under several-reputed Ninja Masters.

In 1989 he conducted his first seminar on Arnis Stick fighting at Y.M.C.A. for request of Arif Sheikh  and few senior students of Ketsugo Boys. In 1990 he jointly conducted a combined Seminar in Martial Arts a first of it kind in India with two of his colleges Sifu Homi Chothia on Wing Chun Kung –Fu, Guro Arif Sheikh on Arnis and Sensei Cyrus Feroke Rustomji on Ninjutsu at Y.M.C.A. Followed by the demonstration at Patkar Hall  once again on Ninjutsu for the benefit of Health and Fitness Organisation.

In the same year Sensei Cyrus registered his school  “ Combative School Of Martial Arts.” Teaching Ninjutsu and Jujitsu to The Trade Representative of U.S.S.R. in Bombay , and simultaneously carried on working honorary for the Ketsugo Organisation as Chief examiner, Zonal Secretary and Instructor at Y.M.C.A. In 1991 he conducted his first long Summer Survival camp on Ninjutsu at Morlebaug near Sawantwadi close to borders of Goa. He underwent Acupressure Course conducted by Dr. Dhirendra Gala.  In 1992 he was awarded a Judo Commertive trophy by the president of Singapore Judo Federation Sensei K.S. Moorthy, 8th. Dan Judo, Grand Master Jujitsu and 5th. Dan Hapkido. And was made a member of Singapore Martial Arts Instructor’s Association.

In 1993 he made the journey to Japan on invitation to meet and train under  Soke Shoto Tanemura and Kancho (President) of  Genbukan Ninpo Bugei World Federation and Kokusai Jujitsu Renmei  to study Ninpo the higher order of Ninjutsu, at Genbukan Honbu Dojo in Saitama,  Japan. He underwent a rigorous training in Ninjutsu , training daily 6 hours a day morning and evening for three months. He was promoted to First-Degree Sho Dan Black Belt in Kokusai Jujitsu and  3rd. Kyu in Ninpo Taijutsu ( Ninpo unarmed combat), 5th. Kyu in Hanbo Jutsu ( Stick arts)and 5th. Kyu in Biken Jutsu.(Bladed arts). He was also promoted to Dojo Cho and made the sole representative, and given license and affiliation of  Genbukan Bombay Dojo  to teach Ninjutsu in India.

In 1995, he conducted and organized  the first seminar on Genbukan Ninjutsu and also promoted  Indian Martial Arts of Kalaripayattu represented by Gurukkal I. Nazir, of Kottyam at Y.M.C.A. International.He also participated in VIII Maharashtra Air eapon Championship Competition in Air  Pistol conducted by Maharashtra rifle Association held at Mumbai as he is a regular member`of the club. In 1995 he also parted ways with Ketsugo Organisation of Mumbai and broken of with the parental body for which he gave an honorary service for nearly twenty two years, which was not appreciated. Thus dissatisfied by the way the Organisation was being carried on and not wishing to enter its politics and reign for power.

In 1996 he underwent a course in ESP training from Hypnotism Training Institute of Indiana held in Bombay by Dr. Zakuausky. In 1997 he took an intensive training in Indian Martial arts of Kalariayattu from E.N.S. Kalari, under Gurrukal E.N. Sreepathy  Embranthiri and his son Gurrukaal E. S. Narayan and daughter Vijayshree who gave personal attention and training in stick fighting and various Kalari weapons , at their kalari Institute at Nettor, Ernakulam, Kerala.

Today Sensei Cyrus teaches mainly Ninjutsu in the city of Mumbai, and spread this unique art in different parts of India. He is the Chief  Instructor, Director and Founder of Combative School of Martial Arts, Mumbai. He has written several articles for foreign Magazines such as “ The Original Ninja Magazine “ and has written several articles for various Indian magazines and Newspapers such as “ Independent ,” “The Times of India,” and “ The World of Martial Arts”.

What People Are Saying?

  • Rutuj karandikar

    Cyrus sir is a true legend of Martial arts.

    "To learn any art the most important thing is to have a good mentor. In that sense I am more than lucky because Ninja Cyrus sir is more than a mentor he is a true legend of Martial arts.
    In todays world where everyone is just concentrating on hitting hard in the name of Martial arts sir tought us the inside essence of Ninjutsu,one of the most effective technique of self defence  and servival.
    It is a treat to learn Ninjutsu from such a knowledgeable man.
    Thank you sir for all your guidance and support."
  • Sohail Shaikh

    A Master of Many Martial Arts.

    "Knowing Cyrus for more than 2 decade, does not change my view, Simple, helpful, considering world as his home, A gentlemen by heart, but master of all arts of Ninjutsu, A true 'Mushin" and brought the art of Ninjutsu in India. A master of many Martial Arts"
  • Jigar Shah


  • Ajay Marwah

    Early Bird training in Martial Arts with Cyrus.

    "I have been one of the lucky ones to have trained with Cyrus at an early stage of my martial arts  studies. From karate I was introduced to ninjustsu and weaponary by Cyrus. I was truely amazed at his  skill set as well as knowledge on the gamut of martial arts Cyrus has been instrumental in my martial growth and will always be indebted to him in this aspect He further introduced me to Modern Arnis. Weapons like the katana , PR24 , kerambit etc  ( all this in the 80s when there was no internet ) Cyrus was and is way ahead of his his times. And even till date we discuss martial arts whenever we meet."
  • Salman Shaikh

    The Art which  Sensei teaches is Ninjutsu.

    "For different people have diffrent views...but for us SENSEI has taught us how to make Ninjutsu .. from a part of life to way of life...and its daily training as made us strong from mind.bodyand spirit..and not just that we regularly implement into our lifes...because the philosophies of Ninjutsu ..for us are philosophies of life.. .
    I thank you sensei for teaching this wonderful arts
    and your experience and knowledge always increase and prevail upon your students . Family and friends.."
  • Chetanya Mundachali

    Cyrus Sir is our Guru of Ninjutsu.

    "Ninjutsu and the Art of the Ninja has taught me a lot about the true nature of Combat. Ninjutsu is a life-long experience.Especially when one gets the opportunity to train with Sensei Cyrus Rustomji who is the ocean of knowledge of not only ninjutsu but of all Martial Arts. Cyrus Sir is our Guru of Ninjutsu who has always taught us that-There is always something new to learn about the Art of Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu develops your overall Personality."
  • Suhas Gadre – Ketsugo Master

    Sensei Cyrus Internationally trained in different Martial arts from different Countries .

    "Cyrus, You have travelled around the world & learnt many forms of martial arts from different masters all over the world. You are very wellred also therefore your language is also of very high level. I feel People around the world will definately notice the difference & will appreciate you online. You will get many many readers / followers from different countries."
  • Parth Bhavnani

    Sensei Cyrus made NINJUTSU my way of life.

    "As a child, I was weak and I used to get bullied all the time. I didn’t have the guts to stand up for myself, and I was a shy and scared child. After I joined ninjutsu, Sensei Cyrus helped me become more confident. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am in life today. If anyone wanted to join martial arts, I’d definitely recommend him. Ninjutsu has been a part of my life since 10 years. I must say, I’ve been lucky to train under Sensei Cyrus. He really goes out of his way to teach us the art. As he rightly says, Ninjutsu is not just a martial art, it’s a way of life. It has become my way of life."
  • Arzan Wadia

    Learning NINJUTSU under Sensei Cyrus.

    "I am Learning ninjutsu because it is a fascinating martial art which contains many ways of combat and it’s an ocean of learning as it a mixture of various arts.I was a very weak and non confident person in life where defending myself in life was concerned.It is just because of Soke Cyrus i am confident in defending myself from any attack anytime.It is because of Ninjutsu that I have also become a more observant and an administrative person. Sensei Cyrus has always been a good and a warm person and always gives out positive energy which is very welcoming."
  • Vihang Desai

    Join C.S.M.A to develop a Real Fighter's Mind.

    "It is vital that you come across the right "mentor" at pivotal stages of your evolution as a man. Sensei Cyrus Rustomji came into my life at the perfect time, I am indebted to him and his teachings because they have helped me immensely both in my personal and professional life. He has been very instrumental in shaping my overall personality. I have been under Sensei's tutelage for 8 years and there has been consistent improvement in my overall health and fitness. I have learnt to project strength even when I am weak and vulnerable, remain mentally tough despite experiencing pain. Situational Awareness, Grasping Power and Critical thinking abilities have improved drastically. Fear of confrontation has vanished and I have developed enough spine and courage to stand my ground. My arsenal is filled with various battle-tested techniques, modern and traditional punching and kicking tools, submissions and locks which I learnt from Sensei over the years, along with the confidence to use them effectively and efficiently if the situation warrants. Sensei's philosophies, teaching style and training systems are designed and tailor made for street survival. What you get here at CSMA is no nonsense practical solutions to real world threats and challenges. If you want to be a skilled and lethal fighter/martial artist, I highly recommend you join Sensei Cyrus Rustomji's Combative School of Martial Arts (CSMA). Thanking You.."
  • Wayne Lemos

    Mentor and friend Sensei Cyrus cultivates the true spirit of Ninja.

    "Sensei Cyrus , what can I say, family for this man, a mentor and a friend, taijutsu, kenjutsu, iaido, escrima, the gentleman taught me all, he went further even to cultivate the true spirit of a ninja in me, with me every step of the way, we had the SAS survival guide as compulsory learning, while in the swamp and afterwards in constant communication while in the swamps with snakes etc, in communication and for advice in my small arms fire training, a gentleman , a mentor and a friend, I cant say more than this gentleman is my family and will always be."
  • Leonard V Godinho

    Cyrus Rustomji - one of my most Studious, Dedicated and Loyal Students.

    "Cyrus F Rustomji - one of my most studious, dedicated and loyal students for the past 41 yrs. From the beginning of his training in the Ketsugo Systems Of Mixed Martial Arts up to his Dan- Master grades he has always strived to be securely successful in all his graded examinations. Cyrus is also one of my best students in Kobudo-Weapons training and performed exceptionally well and with utmost confidence whenever instructed by me. I wish him good luck & success in all his endeavors."
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